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There is no shortage of options for education in the Greater Cheyenne community. With two viable counties where students in grades K-12 can learn and plenty of in-state options for higher education, students have all the resources they need for success.

K-12 Education

Students that will be attending public school in the Greater Cheyenne area will be zoned in Laramie County #1 or Laramie County #2. Both have different schools for students as they progress through elementary, middle and high school.

Aside from the public education offered, there are other options available to students of all ages:

  • Destiny Christian Academy – The local Destiny Christian Academy is available for students in grades K-12.

  • St. Mary’s Catholic School – Serving students grades K-9, St. Mary’s Catholic School is one of the largest private schools in the Greater Cheyenne area. They place an emphasis on Catholic education while preparing students to succeed academically in high school and beyond.

  • Poder Academy – This public charter school’s goal is to prepare students to succeed in college by developing work ethic and discipline throughout their early years. Students can participate in athletic programs and other extracurricular activities such as chess.

  • Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy – Although not a traditional, K-12 program, the Academy helps at-risk youth transform into educated and productive members of the state by providing them with a challenging curriculum, job training and life skills.

Homeschooling is also an option for parents that prefer to teach their students with the aid of online resources. Parents can consult this guide to online home schooling to decide whether this is the right decision for their child. There are also many accredited online high schools to facilitate learning at all levels.

Higher Education near Greater Cheyenne

Wyoming is a large state, so many education opportunities are located near the Greater Cheyenne area. However, we also have local options that may fit the needs of students looking to earn a specific degree or looking for a certain amount of education.

Below are some of the local colleges and community colleges that Greater Cheyenne locals might be interested in:

  • University of Wyoming – With campuses in multiple cities across the state, the University of Wyoming is based in nearby Laramie. There are many different programs available to students who choose to study at UW.

  • Park University, FE Warren AFB – Active military, veterans, and their dependents are highly encouraged to attend PU so they may apply prior military experience towards a degree. Students can pursue degrees at the associate and bachelor degree levels through accelerated courses or entirely online. 

  • Eastern Wyoming College – Located in Torrington, Eastern Wyoming College offers outreach programs in multiple counties in state, giving students real-world experience in their studies.

  • Colleges in Wyoming – Not all colleges in Wyoming are near Cheyenne, but that doesn’t mean they won’t offer students the education they’re looking for. Researching each college is the first step to making the right pick for an education.

  • Laramie County Community College – The nearest institution for higher education in the Greater Cheyenne area is Laramie County Community College. LCCC prepares students for professional positions or other college options.

  • Casper College – Casper College is a respected community college in Wyoming. Students go on to transfer to other universities or graduate to directly enter the workforce.

  • Accredited Colleges in the Region – It is common for students to want to travel out of state for education while remaining geographically near their home. There are plenty of accredited colleges in Wyoming and nearby states that students can choose from.

For students that want to remain near Cheyenne, there are other college options nearby, across the state border in Colorado.

Online and Distance Learning

Online learning is becoming more popular due to the flexibility the programs offer. Students that want to remain in the Greater Cheyenne area but don’t want to limit their options should consider online education.

To start, future students should look at a guide to online community colleges to get a good idea on what it takes to succeed in an online classroom. The resources listed below can then help students take the first step towards enrolling in an online program.

  • University of Wyoming Distance Programs – The local University of Wyoming has both bachelor and master degree programs available that can be completed entirely online.

  • Guide to Online Colleges in Wyoming – Before committing to any online college, students should learn more about the state of online education in Wyoming and what they should expect from online and distance learning.

  • Accredited Online Programs in Wyoming – Enrolling in an accredited program ensures that students are receiving top-notch education that will be respected by educators and employers. There are multiple accredited online programs available in the state of Wyoming.

  • Online Student’s Manual for Success – There are still plenty of resources available for online students. Learn about study tips, tutoring and other helpful information to excel in online education.

Trade Schools and Workforce Development

While a college education is valuable, plenty of people find just as much success by learning at a vocational or trade school, or by entering directly into the workforce. Students can use the below resources to learn more about trade and vocational education in the state.

  • Array School of Technology & Design - Array is Wyoming's first private technology and design school. Advance your education to join the workforce in this up & coming industry in the State of Wyoming

  • WyoTech – Wyoming Technical Institute, also known as WyoTech, is a mechanic repair training school in Laramie.

  • Vocational and Trade Schools in Wyoming – Wyoming is home to many great vocational and trade schools. Depending on what they want to pursue for their future career, students should be able to find opportunities in Wyoming.

  • Wyoming Department of Workforce Services – This local resource helps Greater Cheyenne natives gain the skills to find in-demand jobs while also connecting people with those opportunities.

  • Online Nursing Programs in Wyoming – Nursing is a growing field, and there is always a high demand for eligible and well-trained nurses in the state.

  • Criminal Justice Programs in Wyoming – Students can study a career in criminal justice while remaining in the state. This guide offers Wyoming-specific job-growth projections, common professions in the field and additional resources to help students navigate this growing profession.

Higher Education
Online & Distance Learning
Trade Schools & Workforce Development

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