Receive details and updates regarding upcoming elections, candidates and how to run for office.

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce wants to support employers in educating their employees on candidates, special election items and issues and encourage their employees to exercise their right to vote. According to a Wyoming State Statute, businesses have to work with their employees to allow them time to go vote. "One Hour To Exercise Your Power" is a campaign to help employers effectively implement this statute and help to encourage their employees to be informed voters as well.

Access a precinct map and learn who your current representatives, as it relates to your residency address.

Become a more informed voted by visiting with candidates directly and hearing from special ballot issue experts. Have direct contact by attending our various forums, debates and special events.

Governmental Affairs

Access our online resource focused on connecting you with your policy-makers and tools to keep you most informed on issues, bills and voting. 


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