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17 Lessons from Elvis on the Coronavirus

A message from Dale Steenbergen, President & CEO of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce -

I confess, I have been extremely disrespectful or at least absent minded.  I was reminded by one of our Chamber members lately that I have never, not once, used an Elvis song in any of my correspondence. 

Additionally, if I ever did get the inclination to use one of the King’s songs in my writing, it should not reference chubby 70's Elvis but the young vibrant Elvis. As I carefully rubbed my bald head and noticed that my waistline was a little larger than it was 20 years ago, I pondered for a moment if many folks thought the same of me. 

It was at that moment that I appreciated the fact there is little video evidence of the human I used to be, and social media was not around, so thankfully contrast is not available to document my transition into middle life.  Anyway, this one is for all of you who grew up loving Elvis, especially for one person (you know who you are.)

A short 90 days ago, we were living life like Elvis and Ann Margaret in Viva Las Vegas (those of you who do not know who Elvis and Ann Margaret are, I apologize, because we have failed you in your cultural upbringing.) 

The economy was rocking the Hula like Elvis in Blue Hawaii only a few short weeks ago. Money and positive thoughts were flying around like the dice thrown in one of Elvis’s Las Vegas shows, and if you were not on the train, you were nothing but a hound dog

Yes we are truly, All Shook Up!  The Coronavirus hit like a dirty work boot crashing down on blue suede shoes.  We have spent the last 45 days at the mercy of elected officials, news pundits, social media wackos and others who, with exception, have made us feel like a child in the ghetto (yes, also an Elvis song.)  Yes, 2020 has treated us a little bit like a Heartbreak Hotel

Do not give up hope folks!  I know life has been a little bit like Jailhouse Rock for the last few weeks, and COVID-19 seems to be The Devil in Disguise, but it’s time to box it up and Return to Sender

I think we can all agree I don’t want to be tied and we are ready to get this behind us.  We can look around and see other states advancing beyond us and that is infuriating.  We must keep in mind that everyone is at a different place. Yes, the current situation is as weird as Kissin Cousins but it will pass. 

Please know, your Chamber of Commerce is fighting for you.  We understand that your business is like your baby and until recently your thoughts were, I love my baby and my baby loves me, and we want that feeling to return soon. 

The Chamber is taking the approach of a little less conversation and a lot more work as we move through this crisis.  If you need help, call us!  We are working constantly with local county state and federal governments, we are gathering web-based resources for you, we have a Business Resource Team that can answer questions for you and we have remained open and fully staffed (albeit two folks working from home because we want our employees to be safe.)   

Don’t be cruel Coronavirus, it’s time for Wyoming and American business to awaken. Stay positive folks! 

We need to have the same confidence that Elvis did with Ann Margaret when he sang The Lady loves me but she doesn’t know it yet. Before you know it, we are going to be back online and when we go to the bank, we can all be whistling We are coming in Loaded! 

If that’s not enough Elvis for you, it’s time for you to schedule a trip to Graceland😊

Stay Strong Cheyenne

- Dale G. Steenbergen, President & CEO of the Greater Chamber of Commerce


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