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Businesses That Are Caring For Our Community

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Do you have the courage, heart, and brains to prove there’s no place like Cheyenne? Members of your business community will gather on June 23 to celebrate our servant leaders that make the region a great place to live, work, and do business.

WY We Care

Your Cheyenne Chamber is building a sense of community that increases our quality of life. That means we’re working with our Military Affairs Committee to support those among us whose lives are dedicated to living with courage each day, our men and women in uniform. Our Leadership Cheyenne Program works to build our hearts to lift up our people and our community development projects use the smartest among us, our brains, to build a quality community for the future.

Our business community exemplifies the courage, heart, and brains required to set Cheyenne apart. Together with your Cheyenne Chamber, we work everyday to prove there’s no place like Cheyenne.

Doing the Big Work

Building Wyoming’s Future takes the right people willing to put in the work on behalf of Cheyenne. The Cheyenne business community strives to build a great future for our community and our region. Join us as we celebrate these organizations that embrace a servant leadership approach to their work, and better our entire community because of their efforts.

The Community Service Award includes businesses that make a difference through outstanding initiatives and contributions to support the growth and well-being of the community. These nominees kindheartedly put others first and are businesses that support charitable donations. Nominated for this year’s Community Service Award:

  • Beach Please Drink Company: Beach Please supports food trucks, local vendors and nonprofits consistently by allowing them to set up, sell products, collect donations, and raise awareness all free of charge. They also sponsor athletes including softball teams, dance teams, and a local teenage bull rider. Beach Please led a fundraising event for negative lunch balances in LCSD 1 and was able to donate $3500 to students in the district with over 1,100 meals provided to students. This business always has something going on in an effort to give back to the community.

  • Blue Federal Credit Union: This financial institution not only donates funding, for example with LCCC’s new athletic facility, but their employees also are involved in community service projects and community organizations throughout our community including everything from Cheyenne Little Theatre to service organizations.

  • Jonah Bank: The Jonah Bank mission, Building a Better Wyoming, is accomplished through their support of Wyoming small businesses and their employees. They are dedicated to the communities they serve and focus on delivering employment opportunities to local people, keeping local capital in our community, and providing a source of revenue for important community projects.

“On behalf of Blue FCU members, board of directors and employees, we are thrilled and honored to have been nominated for the prestigious Community Service Award. This recognition truly means so much, as it validates our commitment to making a positive impact in our community. We firmly believe that our members deserve more than just financial services. We strive to build a community that fosters genuine connections and supports the well-being of each individual,” said Michele Bolkovatz​, VP of Public Relations & Membership Development. “We understand that true fulfillment extends beyond monetary wealth and is deeply intertwined with the health and vitality of our personal lives and communities. To achieve this vision, we have diligently invested in numerous community initiatives. Through these efforts, we aim to forge strong community bonds and empower individuals and families to thrive. We recognize that when our community is healthy and prosperous, it paves the way for families to explore new possibilities and unlock their full potential.”

How To Change The World

Your Cheyenne Chamber is on the frontlines of this issue, working with nation-wide partners and meeting with your representatives to get the job done. Learn more about our work at, or call 307-638-3388 to find out how you can support our mission and protect Wyoming’s future.


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