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Building a Community From the Top Down

Capitol Roofing is dedicated to the future of Cheyenne, putting in the work, day-in and day-out, to build up our community. What started as a high schooler’s side hustle to pay for his professional bull riding career, now serves as a pinnacle of work ethic spanning from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Rapid City, South Dakota. We had the pleasure of meeting with owner, Dennis Humphrey, and VP of Sales, Cody Nusbaum to discuss their amazing work in the industry.

Love for All, and All for Love

“We think Cheyenne people are pretty special. Without a doubt, the people of Cheyenne are my favorite part of working here,” said Dennis Humphrey.

Capitol Roofing really loves their community and generously gives back through everything they do.

“There are lots of great organizations in Cheyenne that need help, and we’re more

than happy to help!” said Cody Nusbaum.

Capitol Roofing supports everyone from the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce, 4-H, and FFA, to Burn’s Lions Club and Shrine Bowl athletes. The list is just about endless, but giving back to Cheyenne doesn’t stop at monetary donations, because Capitol Roofing has begun their newest expansion of this Cheyenne business: Pole Barns!

“People were having to wait one to two years before they were able to get their

barn built, so Capitol Roofing decided to fill that underserved niche market,”

explained Nusbaum. “Cheyenne is a great place to live and do business – largely

because of the people who live here.”

Live Like a Cowboy

A good business must hold itself accountable to customers. “There’s no other way to stay a trusted business in the community for 38 years and counting,” Humphrey said. “The Lord has blessed me, this business, and this community, and I am grateful for that.”

Hanging in the lobby of Capitol Roofing is a sign with the Code of the West from James P. Owens’s “Cowboy Ethics.” Long-time residents of Wyoming will be familiar with the Code of the West, but few embody it as whole-heartedly as Dennis Humphrey and his team at Capitol Roofing.

This business knows how to “Talk less and say more” while they “Do what has to be done,” and Cheyenne is a better community thanks to Capitol Roofing.

WY We Care: For your Cheyenne Chamber, it’s our businesses that make our community exceptional. Capitol Roofing is a perfect example of a team that works to build up our Cheyenne community and make our home a great place to live, work, and do business.

How To Change The World

Your Cheyenne Chamber is honored to work with community partners like Capitol Roofing to build a better future for Cheyenne. Learn more about our work at, or call 307-638-3388 to find out how you can support our mission and protect Wyoming’s future.


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