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Chamber Pledges $5k to Splash Pad

The Downtown Core Plan was designed by the area economic development entities of the greater Cheyenne area. It is comprised of Visit Cheyenne, the Greater Cheyenne of Commerce, the Downtown Development Authority and Cheyenne Leads. The plan was used to address certain areas of focus for downtown; light it, clean it, build it, and support it. This plan was released in January of 2016 and has since resulted in various community amenities in the downtown area. The completion of the 17th Street lights, additional Cheyenne Police Department Patrol, to name a few. Now the Core Team is working towards funding the Splash Pad.

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce has pledged to contribute $5,000 toward the Downtown Core's proposed Splash Pad. The project cost of the splash pad is $550,000, with $250,000 currently committed by the City, requiring a private investment of $300,000.

With the funds raised and pledges identified of $210k, currently the City of Cheyenne is finalizing the Splash Pad request for proposal (RFP). The RFP specifies the requirement for the construction to occur between January and May of 2019.

Current funding and pledges for the Splash Pad include:

*Downtown Core Entities

$25,000+ -

  • Downtown Development Authority*

  • Laramie County Economic Joint Powers Board

  • Visit Cheyenne*

$10,000 -

  • Laramie County Community College Foundation

$5,000 -

  • Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce*

  • Taco Johns International

$3,000 -

  • Halladay Motors

$2,500 -

  • Spradley Barr Motors

$1,000 -

  • Big Horn Radon

  • Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne

  • Black Hills Energy

  • Cheyenne LEADS*

  • Dixie and Thomas Roberts

  • Mr. B's HVAC

  • National Property Inspections

  • Quality Electric

Along with the large monetary gifts, there have been a number of grassroots fundraisers contributing funds in smaller increments. Additionally, many area businesses and Chamber partners have contributed through independent fundraisers to help the cause. The group is now focused on raising the final $90k.

Donations to meet this goal can be made online HERE or call (307) 638-3388.


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