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Wyoming’s federal delegation discussed much needed policy and regulatory changes with Cheyenne Business Leaders in a successful trip to Washington D.C. last week. Your Cheyenne Chamber represented you, and your businesses, by addressing the challenges businesses face, including water rights, Sentinel Missile upgrades, housing, immigration, education, and workforce.

WY We Care: This annual trip facilitates our business community to discuss the important issues our community faces as we continue to build Wyoming’s future and helps maintain the integral relationship between community leaders, elected officials, and your Cheyenne Chamber.

For Rich or For Poor

Military Funding took a front seat in discussions with U.S. Senator Barrasso (WY). As budget discussions meander their way through the winding halls of Congress, business leaders vocalized the need to ensure we maintain the dedicated funds needed to complete the ongoing Sentinel Missile upgrades and procure new Cheyenne based Air National Guard planes.

Your Cheyenne Chamber spends $200k annually to support and advocate for Cheyenne and Wyoming’s Military. This work remains a core part of the Chamber Mission every year when the annual plan is announced.

Non-Compete is Non-Negotiable

The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) attempted meddling with Non-Compete Agreements has the potential to affect numerous state laws, regulations and alter your business’s legal obligations. This issue was a key topic of discussion with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s top national economists and business advocates. The FTC’s short-sighted regulations are just another example of the extreme polarization of government in recent years.

"When it comes to Washington, the state of American business is fed up. The polarization, the gridlock, the overreach, and the inability to act smartly and strategically for our future is making it harder for all of us to do our jobs, fulfill our roles, and move this country forward,” said Suzanne Cork, CEO at the US Chamber.

Get Off My Lawn!

Halting Adversarial Property Purchase was also a primary topic during discussions with Congresswoman Harriet Hageman (WY). Your Cheyenne Chamber collaborates with nation-wide partners to protect our nation’s military bases from outside surveillance. National defense projects at F.E. Warren Air Force Base must maintain the highest levels of security as we pursue the Sentinel Missile program, Wyoming’s largest economic development project to date.

“The DC Fly-In is vital to our community and allows us to represent local business face-to-face with elected officials. While other organizations may have similar DC Fly-In programs, the Cheyenne Chamber’s program allows us to keep Cheyenne and Laramie County in the forefront of their mind,” said Paula Poythress, current Chairman of the Cheyenne Chamber Board of Directors.

Raise the Roof

“Only one potential employee is available for every two job openings in our nation,” according to reports presented by Jack Howard, Senior VP of Strategic Advocacy at the US Chamber.

Among the most heavily affected industries in Cheyenne are construction companies that desperately need skilled workers. Without improved immigration that enables our businesses to enhance workforce, Cheyenne and the surrounding region will be unable to meet rising housing demands.

Polar Politics VS Moderate Voters

Dramatic increases in political polarity has voters fed-up and disillusioned. The U.S. Chamber estimates only 24 true moderates remain in the House of Representatives, while all others rapidly polarize and demonstrate an inability to compromise. In contrast, research shows 48 percent of voters identify as independent. This large-scale migration from party politics shows how the average American has been disenfranchised by the government representing us.

Partnership with our congressional delegation keep our legislators accountable when representing the interests and needs of Cheyenne and Wyoming. Your Cheyenne Chamber prioritizes this mission every day as we build our region’s future.

The Colorado River Belongs to Wyoming

Your drinking water is a carefully legislated right and was last negotiated in 1922. U.S. Senator Lummis (WY) represents our great state on the Colorado River Caucus in the Senate, and tensions are increasing between upper basin states, like Colorado and Wyoming, and lower basin states such as California.

Ballooning populations in lower basin states have drastically increased the demand for water from the Colorado River. However, the solution is not to steal water from upper basin states that are responsibly consuming this integral resource. Alternative solutions must be sought to meet the needs of swelling populations in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and other southwestern cities.

The Big Picture

The experiences and action items that our community leaders brought home from D.C. will better inform decision-making processes as Cheyenne maps out its future.

“While talking with our elected officials, we take for granted they know every detail of what we need in Laramie County and southeast Wyoming, but sometimes there are details they don’t know or aren’t aware of. If we don’t advocate for our businesses, who will?” said Tanya Keller, community non-profit leader and Vice- Chairman of Cheyenne Chamber Advocacy. “Day-in and day-out our Chamber serves you, the business community, by advocating for what our community needs and wants.”

Missing Person’s Report: You

More than two dozen business leaders traveled to Washington D.C. with your Cheyenne Chamber. Get involved in Cheyenne’s future by joining the Chamber today. Visit to learn more, or call 307-638-3388 and speak with our Membership Team.


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