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Cheyenne Stakeholders Travel To Washington D.C.

Your Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce will travel this week to meet with partners throughout Washington D.C., including Senator Barrasso, Senator Lummis, Congresswoman Hageman, officials at the U.S. Chamber, officials from the Nebraska Delegation, lobbyists working on behalf of our region, and others.

WY We Care

This trip reminds our elected officials of the important issues that our community faces as we continue to build the future of Wyoming.

  • Key topics for these meetings include military funding, the Sentinel missile program, the FTC’s non-compete policy, workforce and immigration, adversarial property purchase, and EUL Housing for our armed forces.

  • Your Chamber of Commerce brought more than two dozen community stakeholders from numerous industries to meet with our congressional delegation.

  • Traveling with your Chamber are representatives from finance, engineering, construction, education, medicine, local government, and other industries.

The Bottom Line

Advocating for a strong local economy is our highest priority, and your Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to cultivating partnerships with elected officials so we can effectively advocate at the local, state, and federal level.

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