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Cleaner Water For Cheyenne

Updated: May 15, 2019

"Gutter Bins" installed into the gutter system of the Cheyenne Depot Plaza.

A new technology, "Gutter Bins," have been installed in the Cheyenne Depot Plaza to prevent trash from filtering through the storm water system. Trash and sediment are captured by an expanding bag placed inside the gutter, fitting snugly within the Wyoming Made system. These basins have been installed in communities to capture waste ranging from standard leaves and natural sediment to more harmful items like cigarettes and ammunition. This innovation is intended to supply the community with cleaner water. Drainage from the Depot Plaza flows into locations like the new Pumphouse Park Wetland Pond and to Crow Creek. Removal of liter immediately from the system will allow for cleaner water down the line. The current installation is a pilot - the success of this project will be measured and weighed with the amount of trash collected.

Gutter Bins are an innovation supplied by a Casper based business, Frog Creek Partners, founded by Brian Deurloo. During the installation, he expressed that the invention came about while trying to determine ways to supply cleaner water.

Jeff Geyer of Crow Creek Revival and the Nature Conservancy expressed, "The first time I ran into Brian Deurloo was about two years ago when he dropped by the office. I’d just gotten done with a Crow Creek cleanup Saturday and had witnessed all of the storm-water discharge trash that was deposited in the creek and wondered what we could do about it"

Rotary International, with Rotary Clubs of Cheyenne, in collaboration with the Nature Conservancy in Wyoming funded the installation of 12 Gutter Bins, costing a total of $12,000. They will be installed in several locations throughout Cheyenne - in both the Depot and in the Martin Luther King Park. Both areas were identified for having higher amounts of pollution. The effort is a high priority for the Crow Creek Revival group which has been making large strides to restore the creek. In fact, a gutter in honor of the contributors featured the Rotary Logo, along with important message on the margins about "Protecting Crow Creek." The community is rallying behind a cleaner creek and the investment of these Gutter Bins will play a vital role.

Don Day of Rotary Club shared, "One of our causes is 'Providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.' This particular project fit nicely into our cause and it was something we could get behind."


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