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Creating An Incredible Family: Membership Event Overview

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce is assembling the most amazing Chamber Family through the 2019 Membership Event. We want everyone involved to be informed, excited and ready to take action.

This is a fun and friendly competition! The Chairs selected will be competing to have the top producing Membership Event Team and they will do all they can to not be ROASTED at the Toast & Roast Event Thursday, November 21st.

How does the Membership Event work? Your Chamber Connection has this guy, who is kind of like "Charlie" off of Charlie's Angels." He talks some and gives some marching orders. The only difference is he is doing this in person and he totally wears a colorful zoot suit.

So here is a quick overview.

THE CHAIRS: The Membership Event Chairs are ready to Rock! They had a meeting on October 23rd and were given their mission. You will be hearing from these amazing Chairs to participate as a Captain for one of the following dates in November- 19th & 20th. Each Chair will selected a total of 5 Captains! These Chairs will decorate their tables, get their Captains and Superheroes hyped for the festivities, and will be a resource for their assembled volunteers throughout the Membership Event.

  • Max Carre' of Burns Insurance Agency Inc - TEAM PURPLE

  • Sharon Fain of Rocky Mountain Power - TEAM BROWN

  • Dennis Humphrey of Capitol Roofing, Inc. - TEAM ROYAL BLUE

  • Gregg Jones of Jonah Bank of Wyoming - TEAM CAMO

  • Tara Nethercott of Woodhouse Roden Nethercott, LLC - TEAM RED

  • Steve Prescott of RE/MAX Capitol Properties - TEAM SUB-LIME

THE CAPTAINS: The selected Captains will then assemble their team of superheroes. The folks they are looking for are community members and business professionals who will attend a time block on either the 19th or 20th of November to participate in the Membership Event. Deadline for the Captains to be assembled by the Chairman is Friday, November 1st.

Tuesday, November 5th is the Captains meeting at 7:33 a.m. at the Laramie County Library (Willow Room, 1st floor)




  • Jim East, High West Wiring

  • Laurie Farkas, Black Hills Energy

  • Eric Romano, Eric Romano Agency - Farmers Insurance

  • Eric Brooks, Spradley Barr Motors, Inc

  • Lindsay Forepaugh, The High West Energy Companies


  • Paula Poythress, First American Title

  • Jeff Teasley, Farmers Insurance

  • David Pope, DAPCPA Pope & Jackson

  • Brandon Swain, RE/MAX

  • Rob Kilian, First Interstate Bank


  • Troy Eberhardt, NOVUS Auto Glass

  • Ray Gallegos, HUB International

  • Lexie Garrett, Alexis Drake

  • Luke Sarne, Advanced Comfort Solutions

  • Justin Ochsner, Bloedorn Lumber


  • Nick Dodgson, Cheyenne Motorsports & Midas

  • Tracy Wilson, Century 21 Bell Real Estate

  • Clay Gray, Prudential Financial

  • Lori Ann Garrison, New York Life Insurance

  • Tom Garrison, Wyoming Department of Workforce Services


  • Michelle Dehoff, Jonah Bank

  • Ken Dugas, MHP, LLP

  • Billie Addleman, Hirst & Applegate

  • Aaron Courtney, Jonah Bank

  • Steve Lovas, Retired


  • Bob Jensen, Holland & Hart

  • Andy Worshek, leadership consultant

= Superhero Team Assembled

THE SUPERHEROES: Next your amazing Captains will have assembled a total of 5 or more superheros who will be participate in 1 of 4 time slots of the Membership Event. It is then that the Superheroes will have to come with their powers to get the mission accomplished. They will be asked to participate in a Training Presentation talking about what the Chamber does for communities and why it is important to empower the Chamber together. Then Superheroes will then activate their powers to get more Chamber Members. The stronger your Chamber, the stronger the business community and the brighter the economic future.


  • Kate Wright, Habitat for Humanity

  • Traci Collins, Cheyenne Motorsports

  • Sam Weinstein, Fairway Mortgage

  • Jess Ryan, The Compass Wealth Group

  • Kyle Ziemer, Burns Insurance Group

  • Tyler Drew, Midas

  • Paul Washburn, HMI

  • James Bowers, Coldwell Banker

  • Brian Eicholtz, Capitol Cuisine

  • Chris Allred, First State Bank

  • Chris Brennan, Woodhouse Roden Nethercott

  • Josh Schmidt, Tobin & Associates

  • Elizabeth Daly Schmidt, En Evant Dance Studio

  • Andrea Arenas, Century 21 Bell Real Estate

  • Patrick Lim, Twin Tree Signs

  • Jeran Artery, New York Life

  • Julie Malm, Coldwell Banker


  • Shaina Case, Hirst Applegate

  • Derrek Jerred, LEADS

  • Jared Olsen, Olsen Law Group

  • Amber Nuse, MHP, LLP

  • JJ Chen, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

  • Jessica Schneider, Hirst Applegate

  • PJ Barrett, US Bank

  • Ryan Hunter, US Bank

  • Tom Bass, Wyoming Bank & Trust

  • Rick Wilcox, Farmers Insurance

  • Kelly Pontillo, Coldwell Banker

  • Britney Wallesch, Black Dog Animal Rescue

  • Kerri Young, Jonah Bank

  • Kelly Ceballos, Jonah Bank

  • Chad McKinney, Northwestern Mutual

  • Mateo Salib, Railyard Coffee Haus & Eatery

  • Bob Maguire, Home Instead Senior Care

  • Andy Mrozinsky, WyoMusic

  • Greg Vaughn, MHP

  • Carlos Reyes, Farmers Insurance

  • Jay O'Rourke, KRRR

  • Jeff Berry, Classic Cattle Company

  • Connor Hunsaker, MHP

  • Travis Vogel, MHP

  • Chris Johnson, MHP

  • Josh Olsen, MHP

  • Jacob Weisz, MHP


  • Scott Fox, CRMC Foundation

  • Carey Hartman, Laramie County Library

  • Dennis Ellis, Microsoft

  • Isaac Sutphin, Holland & Hart

  • Ron Rabou, Rabou Farms


  • Jackie Buchmeier, Wyoming Bank & Trust

  • Kristen Malm, First American Title

  • Stephen Fotiades, National Property Inspections

  • Kristy Williams, Cherry Creek Mortgage

  • Kaare Sigvartsen, Western States Bank

  • Jason Duda, Farmers Insurance

  • David Kling, First Interstate Bank

  • Deanna Mills, First Interstate Bank

  • Caleb Snyder, MHP

  • Caleb Wilkins, Patton & Davison

  • Rebecca Hess, REMAX

  • Stephanie Prescott, REMAX

  • Tara Nelson, REMAX

  • Dave Coleman, #1 Properties

  • Michele Bolkovatz, Blue FCU


  • Matt Leibrich, Spradley Barr

  • Catherine Palmer, State of Wyoming

  • Theresa Smith, Retired

  • Codee Augustin, #1 Properties

  • Nicole Moutray, Woodhouse Roden Nethercott, LLC

  • Anita Williams, Spradley Barr


  • Tanr Tempel, Western Vista FCU

  • Josh Woods, Woods Brothers Construction

  • Tim Vogt, Advanced Comfort Solutions

  • Barb Brennan, Harmony Hearth & Home

  • Suzanne Cork, State Farm Insurance

  • Caroline Veit, Life Care Center of Cheyenne

  • Carmen Hess, Wyoming Home

  • Dr. Joe Schaffer, LCCC

  • Breck Collier, Red Bison Home

  • Billy Inman, Inman Roofing

  • Tamara Mossey, American National Insurance

  • Becca Brubaker, Bloedorn Lumber

  • Brad Hoard, Western Sky Construction

  • Jim Walford, #1 Properties

Membership Event Time Slots

  • Tuesday, November 19th 8:20 a.m. or 1:10 p.m. at The Office Banquet Space (1600 E Pershing Blvd, Cheyenne, WY 82009)

  • Wednesday, November 20th 8:20 a.m. at The Office Banquet Space (1600 E Pershing Blvd, Cheyenne, WY 82009 )

Deadline: Turn in the payments of your new partners by 3:27 p.m. on Thursday for it to count!

Here is the deal! The Chairman will be there to support their Captains and Superheroes during the two day Membership Event. Captains will be there for their specific time frame with their assembled superhero volunteers. The goal of our Membership Event is to get more than 300 members joined and added to our Incredible Family of Businesses that are unified under the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce. After they signup with our assembled teams they will then be given membership information by our RUNNERS!


THE RUNNERS: The first point of contacts our businesses will have will be with the volunteers who sign them up to join. The second point of contact will be with another Chamber Member who will be delivering their "New Member Information" and plaque within moments of them being a new invested partner of the Chamber. We will thank them in-person with for their membership and will get them growing their network instantly upon signing up. Their third point of contact will be with a Chamber Staff Member. We will call them, verify their contact information, learn about their business and work to get them immediately engaged.

Tuesday, Nov 19th - 8:28 to 11:28

  • Tom Garrison - Workforce Services

  • Lori Garrison - New York Life

  • Molly Smith - SpotOn

  • Craig Hibberd - Wells Fargo Bank

  • Maria Kelly - DazBog

  • Natalie Collins - Edward Jones (8:00 to 10:45)

Tuesday, Nov 19th - 1:13 to 4:13

  • Sunny Magazine - Good will volunteer

  • Susan Fullmer - Fullmer Agency

  • Michael Fullmer - Fullmer Agency

Wednesday, Nov 20th - 8:28 to 11:28

  • Jim Creel - Farmers Agent

  • Amy Hernandez - NuVision Federal Credit Union

  • Emily Jackson - NuVision Federal Credit Union

Wednesday, Nov 20th - 1:13 to 4:13

  • Sunny Magazine - Good will volunteer

  • Molly Smith - SpotOn

  • Sara Vigil - NextCare Urgent Care

THE DASH (Wrap-Up and Close Deals): Thursday, November 21st @ 9:10 a.m. The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce (121 W. 15th St. Suite 204, Cheyenne, WY 82001, 2nd Floor Boardroom


  • Maria Kelly - DazBog

  • Joe Kelly - Edward Jones


  • Bill Strickland - Coldwell Banker The Property Exchange

  • Bonnie Berry - Coldwell Banker The Property Exchange

  • Jon Pietsch - Coldwell Banker The Property Exchange

  • Amy Hernandez - NuVision Federal Credit Union


The Down & Dirty Membership Event Schedule

Tuesday, November 5th @ 7:33 a.m. - Laramie County Library Willow Room 1st Floor

WHO: Captains (Required) & Chairs (Optional)


Tuesday, November 19th @ 8:20 a.m. - The Office Banquet Space (1600 E Pershing Blvd, Cheyenne, WY 82009 )

WHO: Chairs (Required), Shift Captain (Required), Shift Superheros (Required), and Shift Runners (Required)


Tuesday, November 19th @ 1:10 p.m. - The Office Banquet Space (1600 E Pershing Blvd, Cheyenne, WY 82009 )

WHO: Chairs (Required), Shift Captain (Required), Shift Superheros (Required), and Shift Runners (Required)


Wednesday, November 20th @ 8:20 a.m. - The Office Banquet Space (1600 E Pershing Blvd, Cheyenne, WY 82009 )

WHO: Chairs (Required), Shift Captain (Required), Shift Superheros (Required), and Shift Runners (Required)


Thursday, November 21st @ 9:10 a.m. - The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce (121 W. 15th St. Suite 204, Cheyenne, WY 82001, 2nd Floor Boardroom)

WHO: Shift Runners (Required)

TOAST & ROAST: The Celebration

Thursday, November 21st

Capitol Roofing from 5-7 p.m.

805 E Fox Farm Rd, Cheyenne, WY 82007

Celebration will promptly begin at 5:21 p.m.




NEVER TOO EARLY TO START! Some teams will wait for their shift for the membership drive to sell, others will come in with memberships and payments in-hand! We call this sandbagging and it is encouraged.

BUG YOUR PEEPS! Chairman, Captains and Superheros need to be in touch with one another and aware of all of the details, as well as who they are reaching out to. That way they can ask different people and make sure they are not overlapping.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS! This is true for the membership drive. We want folks to channel their inner superhero and encourage the Chairman and Captains to decorate their tables to get everyone hyped up and ready to go and we encourage Superheros to come armed and ready for a success membership event (armed with members of course)!

SHOW UP & BE PRESENT! We ask that everyone who participates to come ready to learn, have fun and overall compete. It is a really great time but folks need to show up for their proper shifts and really bring the power for the time allotted.


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