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Delta, Delta, Delta, Yikes! (What They Didn’t Tell Us About Marijuana)

First, I am not talking about Aunt Lucy’s sorority, nor am I weighing in on if pot should be legal or illegal. I do however believe that our situational awareness in business should always be keen.

Recently we have had some issues brought to the chamber as a result of legal products sold here in the state of Wyoming. These issues were from both the military and main street businesses that were being impacted by the use of THC products. These products are legal in the state, but are a violation if employees test positive in a drug test. The result of a positive test can result in terminated employees, insurance woes, and potentially worse if you are in the military.

You Need To Be Aware!

Talk to your employees about these products and how they can pop up on a drug scan. Knowing the facts is important for every decision you make as a business and this issue is no exception. I get it! It’s a very confusing topic so here is a guide that can help you understand the issue and deal with it in your business. This issue is not going away! So, arm yourself with education as we work through these complicated times.

YOUR Chamber of Commerce

Dale Steenbergen | President | CEO

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