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Ed & Mary Weppner Inducted into Circle of Champions

Witness first-hand what incredible leaders we have in Cheyenne and a part of the greater Cheyenne business community!

Join the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce as we recognize greatness in our community! Annually, the November luncheon plays host to the Circle of Champions induction, an elite group of Cheyenne residents who have spent their life dedicated to the service of others. Past inductees include Michl McGee, Marietta Dineen, Gus Fleischli, and Sloan and Ann Marie Hales. 

This year's inductees include Ed & Mary Weppner, longstanding residents and

supporters of the greater Cheyenne area!     Both have been involved in Frontier Days for many years.  Ed at age 16 began to help on the parade committee. Then his interest changed to racing and he joined the Contract Acts. In 1984 he was named Contract Acts Chairman.  The Chuckwagon races were still a part of the night show and for several years after his time as Chairman Contract Acts Chairman he served arena director for the chucks. He has been a member of the “Heels” for many years  His trips to Canada to make arrangements for the Chuckwagons to come down for the show and trips to Nashville contracting for Country Western entertainment made for a busy three years.

Mary’s activities include being Miss Frontier in 1961, a member of the founding board of the Old West Museum, serving on the committee that started the “Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show and Sale” for thirty years and is a CFD W-Heel.

Ed’s community activities include membership in the Chamber of Commerce, served on Chamber Board, the Military Affairs Committee, Cheyenne Submarine Committee, the City County Planning board, the Laramie County Weed & Pest Board, Kiwanis Club and a member of Fire District 2, serving as president of the board for several terms.

Over the years Ed was very active in the Ag community serving in the Laramie County Stock Growers Association, the Wyoming Stock Growers Association and the National Cattleman’s Association and the Wyoming Livestock Board.  He served on several committees in the Wyoming Stock Growers Association and served as president as well.

Mary’s community activities include Women’s Civic League, DePaul Hospital Guild, Laramie County Cow-Belles, Wyoming Cattle Women, Chapter C PEO, and Cowgirls of the West. Ed & Mary Weppner were both born in Cheyenne.  Ed attended Clark school and St. Mary’s while Mary attended Fincher.  Both graduated from high school in 1959. Ed graduated from St. Mary’s and Mary from Cheyenne High School, now known as Central.

Ed went to Wyoming following high school majoring in engineering for three years and then transferring to Agricultural Economics.  Mary went to Stephens College in Missouri and then to Wyoming majoring in speech and education.

The parents of three children, Rob, Ginny, and Tricia, the family has experienced a busy family life.  The family moved to the Whitaker Ranch following college. Dugald Whitaker Mary’s grandfather, started the ranch in 1895 after he came over from England.  For several years Rob and Ginny went to a country school on the ranch. When the teacher couldn’t be there Mary substituted in everything but math. Ed would come after lunch and teach math. Ranching is a very busy lifestyle.


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