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Farm Dogs and Electric Fences

Every time you get a new puppy on the farm or ranch, you know that one of the inevitable lessons they have to learn is that electric fence bites back. You do your best to steer them clear, call them back, scold them, etc., but ultimately you know that dog and fence are going to meet, and it’s going to be a painful life lesson. It seems like our political system is learning that lesson right now.

Throughout American history, we have gone through times where we just had to test the proverbial electric fence. I always get a chuckle when I hear someone mention that we should do as our forefathers did.

I’ve mentioned it before, but the election between Adams and Jefferson was one of the most brutal in our history. We actually changed the way we select our nation’s Vice President because of this election. We started this country electing the President with the runner-up becoming the Vice President. The result of the brutal Adams-Jefferson election was that our top two federal officials now run together on one ticket.

Accusations of affairs and even poking fun of being fat were a part of the ads and innuendo. I know the sting of the 2020 election left a lasting impression with folks from both sides of the aisle, but the American dream does and will continue to endure as long as we participate in the process.

America has long related to that puppy and electric fence. There is no doubt we are testing the fence as a country right now. Unfortunately, there are some among us who would like to grab the fence and hold on. They continue to believe that conspiracy theories and rhetoric are more important than reality.

Certainly, businesses face many hurdles in this country, and the reality is that we have elected new officials all across this country. Some of these officials are off the rails left, and some of them are off the rails right, and depending on where you live, you could be facing serious business challenges from either side.

We need to stay away from the electric fence. With every political election comes change, and from every change comes opportunity!

Infrastructure is a major push for the Biden administration and a good example. Road funding, broadband opportunities, front range rail, and much more will be a part of this push.

Your Chamber is committed to pursuing every opportunity that we can to build our community. Let's walk away from the electric fence. While political arguments will continue as they have since the beginning of time, there is real work to be done. Let's join together and get to work.


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