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From Wyoming to Tucson to Africa

Stephanie Meisner-Maggard, Vice President of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce had the opportunity to be part of the Faculty Team for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute in Tucson.

The program hosts Chamber, Association & Non-profit Professionals from all over the Nation & Globe. This is a program where those in non-profit management can receive an IOM designation and grow as industry professionals.

Below are some take-a-ways from the experiences she wanted to share with you:

  1. Each Chamber and Association has so much to do that it can be overwhelmingly difficult to do all. I would like to say we are immune from this but in fact, we fall victim to this by our own merit often. My advice, even to our organization, is less is best if it’s the right fit. Take time to identify your core competencies and strengthen them so you shielded by excellence.

  2. Our businesses need help to succeed, even if they don’t think so. As Chambers it is our job to be there through the thick and the thin. Ultimately be there and be ready to help when they finally realize it takes a community to keep a business thriving. Keep on the forefront that “we are in this together” because we are.

  3. How do our businesses and organizations compete in this global market? In the age Amazon and Netflix, this is a valid question. The answer is... you don’t. Be you. Don’t conform and be authentic, it’s what we are all craving. Serve the market you speak to and be the best at it. Know YOU are not for everyone but let the ones you are for know you care for them deeply. Show them value!

We are all facing these challenges and then some. What you need to do now is trust your community! Cheyenne is amazing, resilient and a true companion. These worries are only temporary because we know how to get work done. It’s what we do. It’s unique to our Community and makes me proud.


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