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Godzilla Causing Downtown Destruction For Progress

Downtown Cheyenne is comprised of many historic buildings and their uniqueness add so much character to our story as a community.

Godzilla has taken action on a particular building however who was setup for the fate of destruction with an absentee property owner. Abandoned for decades, the historic building was becoming unsafe and inhabitable. The deteriorating building was impacting neighboring businesses, and the City of Cheyenne took action to make this cornerstone lot a location adding value to Cheyenne.

Upon the removal of the Carey & 17th Building a new building will emerge. The City of Cheyenne Municipal Court will occupy the 1st floor and the 2nd floor will be occupied by another department. They are under discussion by City Elected Officials to determine which.

Ultimately it is hard to see a building that has been a part of our history for so long be demolished. However, it is important to use this as a reminder that property owners have a civic responsibility to make sure their properties are maintained and cared for. Their investment impacts citizens and visitors. Make Cheyenne the place that we all deserve it to be; safe, fun and vibrant!

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