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Government Shutdown: Bad For Business, Bad For Our Troops.

As October 1 approaches, a full government shutdown appears to be more and more likely. This will likely cause widespread issues for small businesses, the healthcare industry, the armed forces, and more. Potential economic impacts are drastic.

WY We Care: In the Cheyenne community, we hold our military in the highest regard . They provide not only great cultural, but also economic value to our city. Your Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce has recently had the honor of hearing General Porter’s thoughts on the looming shut down, and he expressed concern about how it would affect our troops. A common misconception about government shutdowns is that troops are still paid during those periods, when in fact they don’t receive any paychecks until after it ends. Delayed paychecks would harm not just military members, but their families as well, and make it difficult to afford the cost of living in some cases. As the potential shutdown gets closer, your Chamber of Commerce will continue to keep you in the know with important updates.

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