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Growth for young professionals is key

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the 2018 Rocky Mountain Future Leaders Conference Thursday, September 6th and Friday, September 7th. Growing young professionals into leaders is a key initiative of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce, and events like this one help focus that motivation.

Thursday Evening: Keynote Selina Hoflund, author "Release 2 Thrive"

Selina will open the conference with a focus on growing as a professional, broadening horizons, and engaging in our community.

Friday Opening Session: Kathy Cathcart, ALIGN

In this opening session, we'll dive into "Broaden your Horizon" with hands-on experience! Get ready to move and work as a team to accomplish the tasks at hand! Open your eyes to communication, teamwork and growth!

Friday Breakout Session Options: Students will choose two sessions to attend.

1) Re-Establishment-Focus on the act of returning to Cheyenne, re-engaging in the community and finding direction with your new path. Hear from speakers who have left Cheyenne and purposefully returned.

2) The Side Hustle- Everyone's got one-a side business that reflects their personal goals or dreams. The side hustle is an important key to entrepreneurial growth in our community. This session focuses on balancing and growing your goals and making sure your plate is balanced.

3) Financial Literacy-Aimed at those wanting to clear up their finances, or set themselves up for financial success. Hear key factors in growing and managing debt, getting rid of student debt, or otherwise stabilizing your finances.

Friday Luncheon: Keynote - Jimmy Orr, Digital Strategy - Taco Johns

Jimmy Orr is a Cheyenne native who has had a successful career in politics, journalism, and digital media. In the political sphere, Orr worked for US Senator Malcolm Wallop, US Senator Al Simpson, Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and was a White House spokesman and Digital Strategy Director for President George W. Bush. In journalism, directed digital at both the Christian Science Monitor in Boston and the Los Angeles Times. At the LA Times, Orr was on the masthead and was in charge of all things digital. 

Orr moved back to the area three years ago to launch a digital startup with ESPN personality Woody Paige. The following year when his wife Marian decided to run for mayor, he ran his wife’s successful campaign with an innovative social media and video-centric strategy. He now directs digital strategy for the Taco John’s corporation in Cheyenne.

Post Lunch Social Hour

Following the luncheon, attendees are encouraged to meet with participating non-profit organizations that seek volunteers. These organizations will be hosted in our first-ever volunteer fair, and it is a great way for our young professionals to begin engaging in their community!


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