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Just a Little Patience - Questions about GBSD

Thoughts from Dale Steenbergen -

There is rarely a day that goes by that I do not hear a sarcastic comment or receive a doubtful question about the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD), the new missile system to be deployed at FE Warren.

Yes, I believe it will happen. Yes, it is on time. Yes, it is currently fully funded. Yes, it will be a tremendous economic boom for Cheyenne, and yes, I believe it is necessary for the future defense of this country.

I am sure there are many other questions that I did not answer here, but after about a decade of working toward this project, it is time for some of you doubters to get on board.

Certainly, I don’t have all the details about what will happen with this project in the future, I don’t know exactly how many employees will be needed, but it will be thousands. I do not know the exact counts of what types of employees, but it will range from tech-skilled workers to those with degrees. I do not know exactly what the economic impact will be, but I know it will be billions of dollars. It will be the largest economic development project in Wyoming history.

I don’t know another way to say it; folks, CHILL OUT! We need to have a little patience (a great song by Guns and Roses, by the way. You can listen to it by clicking here). Good things come to those who persist! Your Chamber has taken this approach for the last few years, and you can expect us to maintain this effort for the next 20 years or so as GBSD gets built in our community.

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