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Landlocked & Loaded

Cheyenne’s namesake submarine has been stripped down to the metal and will be fitted with completely new equipment before being relocated to San Diego, CA.

On the Road Again:

With updated fuel capabilities, basing USS Cheyenne in San Diego, CA will allow the submarine to reach any portion of the Pacific for their mission.

  • This life extension program will increase the USS Cheyenne’s service by ten to fifteen years.

  • The first of many submarine restructures, the renovations will install cutting edge technology in the U.S. Submarine Fleet .

  • This revitalization will “allow the U.S. to maintain dominance of the sea,” said Nuclear Submarine Officer ​CDR Bell.

WY We Care:

The USS Cheyenne serves a special place in our community as our namesake boat. The sailors aboard this submarine exemplify our can-do spirit and national pride.

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