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Launching greatness, one partner at a time

The Chamber is an organization that uplifts the community and looks to the future. Projects we tackle and accomplish don't happen over night but take time and dedication.

In 2008, FE Warren Air Force Base (AFB) was not well positioned for expansion. In fact, they had a variety of challenges which even included insufficient housing for airmen. In other words, it was literally snowing inside of the dorm rooms because the conditions were not favorable. FE Warren AFB not performing to its best ability hinders the Cheyenne community. The military is a large contributing agent to the local economy. When the military base was rooted in the area, both the City of Cheyenne and Laramie County was formed. That is how deep the history is between all three entities. The Chamber recognized we have to focus on making our larger economic contributors the best they can possibly be.

By doing so, businesses have more customers and more potential workforce. We have not only been able to fix the housing issue that was identified back in 2008 but have been successful at bringing more than $1 billion to the region for military expansion, with $25 billion on the horizon with the modernization of the missiles. It is projects like these that are essential and that write history. They are the issues that don't necessarily have a direct impact today but they are crafting the community the next generation will raise their children in.

The Chamber is powered by a team of professionals to help you achieve your business' desired goals, while also being able to focus on the bigger picture of advancement. Businesses have to be empowered to startup and expand. We invest in our businesses because they are what allow our community to be the best. They employee our residents, they supply amenities to our locals and tourists, they are our families and neighbors. Strong businesses achieve strong communities. That is our focus. At the Chamber, we work on the really big issues, the problems that keep our business up at night and work to create real lasting solutions. We launch businesses in the right direction for a prosperous community and we couldn't it do it without their participation and their efforts.

This year we are embarking on a Membership Drive to bring more important businesses into the fold to have a voice. We encourage our community to unite and to bring the right businesses to the table who are ready for the job. We are dedicated to our businesses because they too are dedicated to us. That is the kind of businesses we need to add to organization this year and we are looking to you for your expertise in getting those folks. Our Membership Drive will take place in November and our goal is to have 200, if not 300, businesses added to the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce. We know they are out there, they just haven't been asked.

Please let us know if you want to get engaged! Call us at 307-638-3388 or email We are looking forward to a successful and impacting membership drive!

Thank you for all that you do!


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