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Lobbying - What is it?

Lobbying is when one advocates to legislators or elected officials the interests of as specific groups or individuals to influence legislation. Where did it get it's name? Well, historically this used to take place in the lobby of the formal quarters of the voting body. Folks would await the elected officials in the lobby and when the time came they would visit with them about their positions. This has shifted a bit. Now as a lobbying entity of greater Cheyenne business community, we are continuously engaged in conversations with elected officials are important and relevant issues. We represent the interests of businesses in our community 24/7 and are always working to make our community business-friendly and prosperous for all.

During this session we have been working diligently on a few important topics that require timely responses.

  • Enhanced Use Lease Funding - to help ensure adequate housing for local airmen at FE Warren Air Force Base

  • Education Attainment Solutions - there has been a few proposed bills that we have been in support of which will help provide better workforce for our area businesses and increase output in areas where we need clear improvement.

SF - 111 is one of these bills. It came out of the House Committee last night with 7 in favor out of 9. Currently the opposition is not that we don't need this as a solution but more the concern of how this particular legislation would impact the University of Wyoming. While it is something to take into consideration the reason why we are in full support of this legislation because our businesses need it, and it is a viable, timely solution to supply workforce for our existing and new businesses.

We encourage you all to take part in the conversations and voice your opinions. You can participate by attending our Action & Advocacy meetings, or even attending our legislative events.

Tuesday, March 5th join us at Wyoming Bank & Trust to have Pizza & to Talk Politics! This is from 11:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Hear from elected officials who were in the session and have the opportunity to share with them your thoughts.


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