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Love: It’s What Makes Cheyenne a Community

Halladay Subaru has been a huge supporter of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce since they joined in 1944. Every summer we are reminded of the great work they do in our community at the Annual Chamber Banquet, which Halladay Motors has served as the presenting sponsor of for many years.

WY We Care: At your Cheyenne Chamber, we work everyday to prove there’s no place like Cheyenne. Halladay Motors gets it. Day-in and day-out, the team at Halladay Motors works to build up our Cheyenne community and make our home a great place to live, work, and do business.

Standing in the Gap

Your Cheyenne Chamber is committed to standing in the gap for business and warding off any attempt to cause harm. We’re fighting for you at the local, state, and federal level because we believe there’s no place like home. Wyoming deserves the best of us, and we’ve got the courage needed to handle lions, and tigers, and bears!

In addition to carrying the issues of the businesses in our region, your Cheyenne Chamber’s efforts have been recognized and requested by business organizations across this state and across our nation. We now represent the Wyoming Retail Association, and we manage a statewide coalition of chambers to achieve an exceptional business climate in our state. In fact, our business coalition has over 7,000 businesses under our tent, and we are the largest grassroots business voice in the state.

Growing Cheyenne’s Economy

Your Cheyenne Chamber firmly believes that we must commit ourselves to economic development centered around the desire to help every business achieve their dreams and aspirations. That means we’re fighting for the reform of regulatory hurdles that increase the cost of both housing and commercial developments, we’re facilitating the development of keystone projects that enhance our economic development, we are obtaining data to drive decisions for economic growth, and we are aiding business start-ups and expansions of local companies. Our economic development strategy covers everything from the Sentinel Missile Program to Housing to Healthcare to Childcare to Transportation to Infrastructure.

Maximizing Our Potential

Your Cheyenne Chamber’s education and talent development initiatives are more than organizational knowledge and capacity. It is also about empowering our people young and old to expand their minds and intellectual capacity. How do we do this? Maybe it’s our intern extern project, Venture, or maybe it’s working with education at all levels through our North Star initiative. Ultimately our education and talent development approach is about people. Our goal is to maximize the potential of our people from the youngest citizen to our seniors. Maximizing people builds our community and creates a resilient future that can handle any challenge.

Our Sense of Community

Your Chamber is building a sense of community that increases our quality of life. That means we’re working with our Military Affairs Committee to support those among us whose lives are dedicated to living with courage each day, our men and women in uniform. Our Leadership Cheyenne Program works to build our hearts to lift up our people and our community development projects use the smartest among us, our brains, to build a quality community for the future.

How To Change The World

Your Cheyenne Chamber is honored to work with community partners like Halladay Motors to build a better future for Cheyenne. Learn more about our work at, or call 307-638-3388 to find out how you can support our mission and protect Wyoming’s future.


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