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Loving Cheyenne More Each Day

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Business Council Committee stepped up and helped with the judging at the DECA State Competition this last week. This is an annual opportunity that our business partners assist in and a great way to help foster growth among the generations to come. I too, Stephanie Meisner, V.P. of the Chamber, had the opportunity to participate and loved it.

Speaking personally, I enjoyed my time judging a series of case studies with Brittany Duggan with ERA Frontier Reality. When I looked around the room, it was great to see Commissioner Linda Heath, Ashley White & Niki Harrison from West Edge Collective, Sam Weinstein from Pinnacle Bank, Mark Lantz from Cheyenne Stampede Hockey, Victoria Anderson from Wells Fargo, Katelyn Hardee from Holland & Hart, Matt Pope from First Interstate Bank, and the list goes on! Ultimately the experience was great and the room was filled with business professionals who not only know their stuff but who are compassionate enough to give back to our community. They don't stop there though, they know it is important to give back to our youth. Special thank you to these incredible individuals who helped out and who continue to do great things, and to those I didn't name! All of your contributions matter.

I also wanted to stop to say thank you to the parents and educators of these students. The ones I heard from cared deeply about the competition, took an interest in business and in my particular case study they were able to demonstrate how they too would want to give back to the community. It spoke volumes. Great job!

This is why our community is simply the best! I love Cheyenne, I love the people and I love what I do!

Thank you so much to everyone who makes this possible.

Have a great Valentine's Day!

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