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“Off we go into the wild blue yonder” GBSD Continues to Move Forward

1 of 5 Things You Must Know This Week -

If you didn’t catch the title, it’s the first line of the United States Air Force song. You can listen to this great piece of "Americana" below! It is a great week for the USAF, America, and Cheyenne, Wyoming. With all the talk of impeachment, scandal, I.G. reports, state budgets... (Whew!! Enough negativity). You might have missed... we succeeded with the N.D.A.A. (National Defense Authorization Act) passing last week and this will include fully funding GBSD (the new missile system at FE Warren) for the next year. While we are deeply divided as a country, the good-old USA can still come up with a win occasionally.

Additionally, the submit date for the GBSD contract was this last week, and Northrop Grumman delivered. GBSD is great for our community, as it will be the largest economic development project in Wyoming history when completed. I am ecstatic our community will see billions in economic gain from this project. GBSD will strengthen our position, as a country, and will be known as the most powerful and lethal deterrent capability on planet earth. Lest I forget! The real heroes here are the men and women in uniform who maintain, protect and operate this awesome system of freedom. Let’s pause and be thankful for the men and women in uniform who serve in and around our community. The people -not the hardware - keep us truly free.

To all our men and women in uniform, God bless you, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and thank you.

- Dale Steenbergen, CEO/President of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce

Photo: Idler Photography

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