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Oh, Oh, Oh it’s magic, except it’s not: Infrastructure and the battle to make sure nobody wins

Thoughts from Dale Steenbergen -

OH OH OH It’s Magic, or not. Let’s review reality: There are two infrastructure bills being bantered about. The first is a multi-party compromise bill that rebuilds our roads and our bridges, invests in our communities through broadband, and funds other communications infrastructure. The second bill is, of course, the 3.5-billion-dollar budget buster that will raise taxes on business and middle-class families across this country.

Regardless of where you stand on these issues, there are a few facts that you need to accept. The attitude by many of our elected officials is that we can’t let anyone have a ‘win.’ This ensures that ‘we the people’ lose. Our choice? We either risk life and limb on bridges and structures that are fundamentally unsafe (need I remind you of the terrible calamity in Oklahoma), or we submit to the company store and pay taxes and bear regulations beyond anyone’s reality. Not much of a choice, is it?

It's time to saddle up and deal with our infrastructure failures. Both sides have espoused accomplishing this goal for several election cycles yet neither has gotten it done. It’s time to reclaim some common sense in America. We didn’t become the greatest country on earth by not investing in ourselves, and frankly even the Colonial English would have balked at some of the tax plans out there.

How about this: We have an infrastructure bill on the table that folks of both parties dislike. How about we go to work on that one. It will receive a vote by the end of this month and it has some opportunity to succeed. My grandmother always said that just because someone else wins doesn’t mean that you lose, and you should be happy for them. It was good advice for me as a kid ,and frankly it's currently good advice for Congress.

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