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One Hour To Exercise Voting Power

The Business of Politics! As a business it is important for businesses to educate their employees on how policy, regulation and elected officials may affect their jobs.

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce launched a new program to help businesses better educate their employees during elections.

As a Chamber we want to empower businesses to allow their employees a positive experience when exercising their power to vote. Businesses can create an environment where their employees can learn about candidates and issues, encourage discussion and develop educated voters for the benefit of the community. The Chamber is challenging businesses to champion this effort and to embark on a journey of creating power at the polls.

Employers can access quick resources on how to best empower their employees at


There is also a quick sheet of information that can help businesses best navigate the political environment when empowering their employees to go exercise their one our to vote during the election.

Further, the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce identified pro-business candidates for the current elections and provided pro-business designations to help businesses be mindful of business when voting. Full list of endorsements is available at - LINK.

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