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Relatable to Results

Ellen Degenerous recently did a Netflix special called "Relatable" and shared that no matter the type of person we are or what we come to the table with, we are relatable because in the end, we are human. At the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce we value this immensely. We understand that one head is not the answer, but that the more we can get the in the room with their point of reference, history and interests, we can drive forward results that are beneficial for the greater good. We win some and we lose some but the ultimate goal is that we are making the best possible decisions for our community.

That said, you need to know this. The Chamber is advocating on behalf of our businesses each day, every second of every day. When you are not looking... we see. When you are no there to listen...we hear. Honestly, that is the best benefit of being a Chamber Partner. We have your back. Plus, our Chamber Partners also have your back. On the bigger scale, you can trust that at the Chamber will weigh-in on issues that matter to us all and have done our homework to assess the implications from various angles. The example we use often is that the day the toilets don't flush, everyone notices, and everyone cares. We identify those issues which will impact us all and drive forward a solution which matters. We actually do it better because we work to address it before it becomes a problem!

Here is another example. We here people complain about potholes and with more people using our roads there is more wear. Taxes collected go to the government to repair these potholes and businesses are the ones collecting the taxes upon sales with their customers. The question here is who is responsible for supplying the sales taxes in the end, the businesses. The voice of business needs to be at the table for these types of issues because the impact us all but the fact is businesses fuel our community. Business employ us, the wages we earn goes into our spending and this spending circulates in the community! Business matter and the Chamber is comprised of businesses. The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce is in fact the largest community and economic development entity in the State of Wyoming serving over 1,000 businesses and representing more than 60,000 voices.

You see, it isn't enough to just be relatable. It matters more to rally together behind important issues and actually make a difference. Take relatable to results! We believe in taking action at the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce and we encourage you to do the same.

Join the Wyoming Business Advocates! Contact Alex Farkas at to learn more or call us at (307) 638-3388.


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