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The Chamber Welcomes U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis

The Chamber welcomed Senator Cynthia Lummis today as the speaker for the monthly Chamber lunch. The Senator had just come off a 15-hour floor session to address the budget and the proposed $1.9 trillion COVID relief fund.

She highlighted her first few weeks including assignments to three committees including banking, environment and public works, and commerce science and transportation. All are key to the economic well-being of Wyoming.

The Senator pointed to the extraordinary number of executive orders filed by the President – in total, more than the past four presidents combined. Her team has filed legislation in the form of the POWER Act to push back on the federal leasing moratorium on public lands and she will work with other states who have large land holdings of public lands. Ultimately, the moratorium unfairly deprives these states of their ability to advance energy projects which are relied upon for revenue.

Given the rhetoric from the campaign hasn’t translated into matching actions by the President, the Senator will work with new cabinet members and career department staff to advance Wyoming’s agenda. She will also engage with the Financial Innovation Caucus and the Western Caucus to create opportunities for Wyoming residents and business entities.

As a fiscal conservative, Senator Lummis intends to push back on big spending during her tenure. She believes the $1.9 trillion COVID-relief fund is too immense, especially given only 20% of the last stimulus package has yet to be dispersed, and she will not support the final vote.

When asked about measures to protect the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent project, the Senator said she will be working with Senators Daines from Montana and Cramer from North Dakota to support the nuclear triad. It is a challenge she has taken on previously as a House member and she indicated the delegation will stay on top of the issue.

Senator Lummis’ presentation can be seen in its entirety on the Chamber’s YouTube channel starting at 36:13


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