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Shop 'Til Ya Drop - Small Business Saturday Shopping Guide

Get your good walking shoes on. Wear your winter accessories and jacket. Get a good night's rest and drink plenty of water! Shopping on "Shop Small Business Saturday" is no laughing matter. If you are going to do it right, you have to go in prepared. When you spend your earned dollars locally you are making a fiscal decision impacting your community...for the better. Therefore, when you shop locally you are making a difference and that feels good! To show their appreciation for supporters of locally owned and operated businesses, our retailers and stores are offering you some amazing specials, deals, reveals and more on Saturday, November 30th.

The possibilities are limitless and we know for a fact that you can get all of your Christmas Shopping done at these locations. They have it all! From Rock on Wheels to 2 Doors Down and Tandy Leathers, there is something for everyone!

While they are offering these special deals on Saturday, November 30th, we also want to take a moment to remind you all to shop locally all year. It is important that we support our community entrepreneurs and help them thrive. In turn, these businesses create jobs, invest in our home and are actively engaged our community! Spread the love!! Spread the message of shopping locally!!!


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