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Small Businesses with a Big Impact

Do you have the courage, heart, and brains to prove there’s no place like Cheyenne? Members of your business community will gather on June 23 to celebrate our servant leaders that make the region a great place to live, work, and do business.

WY We Care

Your Cheyenne Chamber firmly believes that we must commit ourselves to economic development centered around the desire to help every business achieve their dreams and aspirations. That means we’re fighting for the reform of regulatory hurdles that increase the cost of both housing and commercial developments, we’re facilitating the development of keystone projects that enhance our economic development, we are obtaining data to drive decisions for economic growth, and we are aiding business start-ups and expansions of local companies. Our economic development strategy covers everything from the Sentinel Missile Program to Housing to Healthcare to Childcare to Transportation to Infrastructure.

Our business community exemplifies the courage, heart, and brains required to set Cheyenne apart. Together with your Cheyenne Chamber, we work everyday to prove there’s no place like Cheyenne.

Doing the Big Work

Building Wyoming’s Future takes the right people willing to put in the work on behalf of Cheyenne. The Cheyenne business community strives to build a great future for our community and our region. Join us as we celebrate these organizations that embrace a servant leadership approach to their work, and better our entire community because of their efforts.

The Small Business of the Year Award exemplifies a strong entrepreneurial spirit and provides a unique culture for our community. These finalists must have fewer than 25 employees. Nominated for this year’s Small Business of the Year Award:

  • Billy Jack’s: Billy Jack's is a family-friendly restaurant and pub that offers everything from pizza and beer to salads and wine. Their partnership with the Cheyenne Regional Airport brings a special flavor of hometown pride to everyone flying through Cheyenne.

  • Breeze Thru Car Wash: Breeze Thru has donated more than $15,000 to various organizations in the Cheyenne community in 2022 via Fundraiser programs that are, by-design, created to prepare people for their future by taking on key responsibilities to partake in said fundraisers. They donated more than $5,000 in gift cards and Unlimited Wash Passes in addition to fundraisers for various organizations to generate revenue for their programs. Seldom do you find an organization with a clearly defined Vision

  • Alexis Drake: Lexie Garret and her company are involved in quality manufacturing of handbags. They have invested time and energy in downtown Cheyenne through building their business, the time invested in Chamber activities, and the newly formed downtown merchants association.

“This nomination makes me feel that we as a company are still giving new and current customers a great customer experience,” said Lexie Garrett, Founder and CEO of Alexis Drake. “As we continue to share our brand process and story, we are always striving for perfection---we know that perfection isn't possible, but the idea that we move closer to that each and every time we make our product better, is pretty cool. We are unique as a company because we manufacture all that we sell, so our conversations around style, efficiencies and materials may look a little different than other retailers or manufacturers. What we love is that our customers still love the process and being part of it----that is what makes our unique vision special.”

How To Change The World

Your Cheyenne Chamber is on the frontlines of this issue, working with nation-wide partners and meeting with your representatives to get the job done. Learn more about our work at, or call 307-638-3388 to find out how you can support our mission and protect Wyoming’s future.


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