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Southeast Wyoming Economic Forecast Snapshot

Let’s talk a low unemployment rate. Right now because most people who want a job have a job, in result you will see automation and robots adding value to help fill these workforce gaps. Cyborg... anyone?

Right now you have heard about the “trade wars.” That is because you are seeing a lowered demand for United States exports. This is having an effect on the value of the dollar. Worth watching and keeping in mind as we watch congressional actions in the coming year.

Keeping in mind those who have a lower household income have a higher vulnerability toward putting much of their earnings to housing and healthcare. Warching more conversations on how to help families and people get access to healthcare will be an important topic moving forward. This is a major priority for us at the Chamber and are working on solutions.

Moving forward the State of Wyoming has to work on trade partnerships to combat some of the downturn. Another important area we need to focus our attention is retirement. With many baby boomers moving into retirement is has been emphasized the importance to educating the workforce to save and prepare for retirement.

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