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SUPER Chamber!

Tuesday morning Chamber Partners arrived to the first session by walking down the hall to a decorated Chamber event. Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire and other epic jams filled the space for a prompt 8:20 a.m. start to the 2019 Membership Event! Each team came fully spirited wearing their team colors and tables were adorned with matching flare. Everyone was in good company with the Zoot Suit Jimmy at the helm, pumping up the Chamber Partners for a successful Membership event.

The training was a quick rundown of what the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce offers businesses for their investment. The promise is that the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce is good at community, economic and business development, this is our purpose. Three efforts that are essential to creating a prosperous economy! It really is that simple. Once our Chamber Partners remember this, it is easy to understand why an investment in the Chamber is good for your community and for your business.

After the energetic training where blowing kisses is praised and giving Italian gestures to shun negativity is encouraged, Chamber Partners called their contacts and educated them on the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce. The results...were extraordinary!


Your Chamber raised $100,000 in just three days and conducted 184 transactions, and grew the Chamber Family by 159 new partners. Records were not only met, but surpassed, and this was all accomplished by 120 dedicated business professionals who volunteered their time and talents.


BIG thank you to everyone who showed up, and we mean SHOWED UP! This amount of funding has allowed the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce to focus on what matters. THANK YOU!

Together we are strong and the results of the Membership Event are exemplary.


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