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Superintendent of Schools Provides Education Update

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

At the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce's monthly luncheon, Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Boyd Brown, addressed the business community with his plan for Laramie County School District #1 in the upcoming school year and their progress thus far.

This is the largest school district in Wyoming - according to the last census it is comprised of 14,070 students and grows 1-2% annually (140 students will be added this year). Brown mentioned schools are not stagnant, and that in some schools, 30% of their students roll over in a year. Despite this roll over, the increase of students within the district means they are close to reaching capacity. Brown shared a local business, Plan One Architects, is conducting a study to assess areas of growth and capacity within the district. This will prepare them the anticipated growth and they look forward to the results.

A new strategic plan is also being developed for the upcoming year - the District will be making this as broad as they can. A committee will develop the plan and a variety of organizations will help with vetting. Additionally, community meetings and online web-pages will be created for further feedback. 

Brown added the diversity plan from last year will be revised and updated as well. The SPIRIT plan will integrate a cultural facilitator and counselor; however, the school system is still currently searching for a qualified candidate. On August 21st and 22nd, cultural proficiency training for all certified and administrative staff will be held. District wide, training for new administration is also being reviewed. Brown met with 75 principals this week to review this new training - 9 of which are new hires.

Additionally, Brown has partnered with Fred Gallop of the United States Air Force and the Cheyenne Boys and Girls Club to host a new annual event, the "Youth Equality Summit" on August 20th. This event will feature a "Challenge Day" and is comprised of 100 students.  

Construction of the new Carey Jr. High is set to complete in the near future as well - this project was slow to start but is still on schedule for completion. The District anticipates moving students into the new building in the Fall of 2020.

The School District is engaging in a variety of partnerships across the district, Brown mentioned a great partnership with LCCC which has aligned on pathways for strong talent flows. Through this partnership, Brown identified a list of goals for the upcoming school year:

1) Work to offer core college general courses in all three high schools which transfer to any college across the nation

2) Create certification pathways for vocational and trade skills

  • Progress has already been made for construction certifications (welding, auto body, certified nursing assistants, and many others are also offered)

3) Work with LCCC to offer strong Career Pathways education to the students and make their transition more seamless 

4) Build more partnerships with businesses

  • Career and Technical Education Coordinator, Jeff Stone, is the primary contact for businesses looking to partner with the School District. Lindsey Stutheit has also joined him to coordinate business partnerships. They can be contacted at (307) 771-2123.

  • Larry Fodor from Mechanical Systems Incorporated and Luke Sarne from Advanced Comfort Solutions have offered career counseling tours to businesses to have helped educate them about local careers. Skill trade contacts came into the schools to talk about the jobs and plan to grow 90 minute a day internship opportunities.

Brown finished with extending gratitude to employers for giving their students career opportunities and listed standards for working with partners in the business area:

  1. Standard of living for the position is higher than the poverty line

  2. There is a pathway for advancement

  3. Benefits are a part of the career opportunity

  4. Hope employers encourage students to finish high school and to empower them for that completion

  5. Don’t miss school but make school a priority!

He thanked the audience on behalf of the District and promised to continue improving students academically, socially, and in their soft skills.

Register for the next Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce luncheon, September 6th from 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at the Archer Complex. Join in listening to Tim Thornell, the new CEO of Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.


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