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Surviving the Frost

Frosted little bud, are you feeling disheartened? You begin this season of your life cycle optimistic. Preparing to bloom in time, Are you now discouraged?

Frosted little bud, do you have what it takes to survive? You have overcome frosts like this before. You were better nourished then, Are you going to pull through again?

Frosted little bud, will you succumb to the austere spring? You are known to persevere. Is simply existing an unbearable feat this time? Are you indisputably defeated?

Frosted little bud, if I could breath life into you it would come with the full force of colossal love and warmth. As to gift you with the pleasure of blooming for another season.

However, as a new mother awaits for months to see the face of her unborn baby, our patience to wait for a positive outcome must abide.

We must wait the magical process of nature’s toll in hopes that the obstacles vanish and you prosper in your intended role in this world.

Stay strong little bud, bloom on. Time will tell.

Written By: Cici Mohren | Cheyenne Chamber Director of Partner Services

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