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Thank You Senator Barrasso For Supporting Wyoming Business!

Our broken permitting system freezes projects that build the infrastructure needed for the future. Today, Senator John Barrasso (WY) went to work on behalf of Wyoming by introducing the SPUR Act.

The SPUR Act would reform environmental review processes, which are currently delaying key energy, infrastructure, and transportation projects across America. This bill would bring greater predictability, efficiency, and transparency to the process by establishing clear timelines and codifying important reforms.

“This is another important step to propel momentum toward Congress enacting permitting reform this year,” said Marty Durbin, U.S. Chamber Senior Vice President of Policy.

Your Cheyenne Chamber applauds Senator Barrasso for introducing legislation to provide meaningful reforms to our broken permitting process.

How To Change The World

Your Cheyenne Chamber is on the frontlines of this issue, working with nation-wide partners and meeting with your representatives to get the job done. Learn more about our work at, or call 307-638-3388 to find out how you can support our mission and protect Wyoming’s future.

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