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The Future Leaders of Cheyenne Graduate from Community Program on June 2

Cheyenne needs stewards who are ready to take up the mantle of leadership and guide our community into the future. Your Cheyenne Chamber runs the Leadership Cheyenne program to ensure we have a continuous supply of leadership for our community.

On June 2, the most recent class will graduate from the Leadership Cheyenne program. Guest speaker Josh Dorrell, CEO of the Wyoming Business Council, will discuss the key traits needed to be a successful leader.

Learn more about this event or reserve your seat at:

Be a Leader in Your Community

Leadership Cheyenne brings professionals together for a challenging, interactive, and thought-provoking educational opportunity. The program explores the dynamics of what makes Cheyenne a unique community and builds a strong network of future community leaders. Applications are open through June 5.

  • Learn about the diversity of the Cheyenne region as it relates to government services, education, business, economic development, and social issues.

  • Build and enhance your leadership skills.

  • Share your own experiences and learn from others.

The Best of Cheyenne

Please help us recognize these amazing individuals who have completed the Leadership Cheyenne program and will graduate this summer.

• Clay Andersen • Tammy Bauman

• Charles Bloom • Emily Collins

• John Dines • Bryce Dorr

• Kelsey Escobedo • Alex Freeman

• John Fritz • Michelle Gable

• Stan Hartzheim • Meagan Herrington

• Aubree Kledaras • Jesse Kreiner

• Lori Lewis • Lee Lowrey

• Erin McKinney • Dan Moss

• Taryn Nemec • Amanda Nuse

• Adam Oswalt • Devyan Paiz

• Ryan Shields • Ginni Stevens

• Sarah Urbane • Trenton Vonburg

• Brittany Wilson • Don Wood


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