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The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce challenges local businesses with Check On 2 campaign

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce is announcing the Check On 2 campaign – a movement dedicated to showing support and spreading positivity to local businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Check On 2 is designed to become a chain-reaction which will foster a support system within the greater Cheyenne business community. The new campaign leverages individual actions to help protect the existing business environment and maintain the spirit of the greater Cheyenne area.

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce is challenging the local business community to participate. The rules are simple; local business owners should reach out to two individuals (friends in business, associates, clients, employees, etc.) and simply check on them. During the conversation, ask how they are doing, offer to purchase a carry-out item for them from a local restaurant, purchase them a local gift card, ask if they need help, and spread positivity. Finish the conversation by asking them to pass the challenge forward, by encouraging them to contact two more community members.

Following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines of limiting in person contact, is important, so plan to call or text the businesses you are checking on.

Businesses are the backbone the economy and for that reason, the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce works to serve, protect, and promote them each day.

Use the hashtag, #CheckOn2 and tag the Chamber on social media (Facebook @GreaterCheyenneChamber and Instagram @CheyenneChamber) with comments, photos, and videos to show your support.

“We challenge you to do your part – as a collective body of businesses we can support one another and prepare for the day Wyoming goes back to work,” said Dale Steenbergen, President and CEO of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce.


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