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Tools for Workforce Challenges


Cheyenne was listed the only community in the State of Wyoming to grow in 2018. What most don't realize is that this is a result of our intentions. At the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce, we have a proactive approach to community and economic development. We believe in making a healthy business environment which allows for investments into the community to flourish. When an energy downturn was on the horizon, we worked hard to offset anticipated job losses with new opportunities. This awareness, aligned with action is what creates these positive results. We are what tools our community and businesses with the resources for success.


Currently we have an unemployment that is so low that we are putting more work on our existing workforce to meet the intense demands of products/services. We can not carry on this way. It isn't viable. For our businesses to succeed we are needing to focus on creating a pipeline of talent to fill available positions whether they are existing or new. We need our community to unite together to address our workforce needs for today and the future. This alone will allow us to be prepared for what is to come.


All sounds pretty intense in theory but the fact is, we are working on it. Plus, it isn't so daunting when you have a proven methodology to follow. The Chamber has created the Northstar initiative focused on making intentional decisions as a business network. We have adopted the curriculum of Talent Pipeline Management, a program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. This program has been executed in a number of States and have yielded lasting results. We will benchmark our progress to States and make sure we are competitive on a National and Global level.


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