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Transformative Course Empowers Local Professionals

The Leadership Cheyenne Class of 2024 bonded on Friday as they shimmied, wobbled, and wiggled their way through at the City of Cheyenne’s ropes course. Over the next nine months, these class members will dive headfirst into the present and future challenges of our community. Together, they will embark on an extraordinary journey of growth, making a lasting impact on Cheyenne and beyond.

Why it Matters

Through this transformative course, these talented professionals will elevate their skills and knowledge, empowering them to become influential leaders in Cheyenne. They will gain invaluable insights into the rich diversity of the region, forge strong bonds with their peers, and learn from the wisdom of others. Above all, they will develop an unwavering passion and commitment to lifelong civic stewardship.

This year’s class includes: Amy Dooley, Brianne Peterson, Daniel Bown Jones, Debb Roden, Matt Hubbs, Jennifer Jennings, Maggie Hartzheim, Mark Puev, Reese Johnston, Chelby Rush, Sharon Vye, Jeremiah Singleton, Stacie Emarine, Ben Hebert, Brad White, Caleb Kamarad, Heather Morgan, Micky Fisher, Josey Bailey, Kate Fornstrom, Kelly Binding, Paul Fornstrom, Quintin Pope, John Schantz, Shelby Trimble, and Alli McCown.

Congratulations to the exceptional individuals accepted into the Leadership Cheyenne Class of 2024!

Get Involved

Each Leadership Cheyenne Class is unique and finds its own way to contribute to the community. Apply for next year’s class each spring and become a leader who believes in the future of our community. Learn more at


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