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Want a University of Wyoming Intern?

Startup businesses across Wyoming will have a pipeline to student interns from the University of Wyoming as a result of a new program of University of Wyoming’s Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE). Starting this fall, the IIE will provide financial support to interns working for early-stage ventures in the state.

This program will allow students to experience what it is like to work in the exciting entrepreneurial environment of a startup; and startup businesses will receive support from students at little or no cost. Ultimately, this is about developing and retaining a high-quality workforce who can think and act entrepreneurial and with innovation skills.

Startup firms are expected to identify, as a part of the position description, learning objectives and mentors to support successful learning environments for students, so they can experience the excitement of working in an entrepreneurial setting. In exchange, the firms will gain the help of students to support their needs -- with the IIE providing a stipend in the form of an honorarium -- and have the opportunity to develop potential future employees.

For more information, interested firms should visit and call Jack Mason at (307) 766-2681 or email for information on the program, guidelines for host firms, and a template for defining an intern position, including learning objectives. Once positions are defined and approved, they will be posted on the IIE web site as well as with career services organizations throughout the university. The IIE will promote the program and recruit students when they return in late August.


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