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We say Passenger Rail & You say... AMEN!

Passenger Rail From Cheyenne Through The Front Range

Imagine riding on a train to Denver Metro or Colorado Springs from Cheyenne, and all that can be accomplished en route…

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce made passenger rail in 2016 a core priority to alleviate traffic throughout I25. Dale Steenbergen, President/CEO joined the Colorado Rail Commission as an ex-officio Board Member upon its formation in 2017. Progress on the commission has resulted in hiring Randy Grauberger, Project Director of Passenger Rail Commission. Today Grauberger visited with the City of Cheyenne, Wyoming Department of Transportation and the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce about the current plan and vital next steps.

“We are working on long term solutions which will help with the daily commuters in Northern Colorado and Southeast Wyoming.” shared Steenbergen, Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce President/CEO.

The I25 construction, currently happening near Loveland, will develop a Mobility Hub. This is where pedestrians can park their vehicle but also engage in nearby amenities like shopping, convenient services, etc. Formation of this hub can yield a potential stop on the rail route from Cheyenne. A study in the near future will be conducted to assess options such as this and will yield an adequate right-of-way.

“By making this a multi-state endeavor we will be in position for federal funding for implementation.” expressed Grauberger, Passenger Rail Project Director.

Through the Wyoming Business Advocates, a Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce lobbying group, funds and congressional support remains a primary focus.


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