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Why Do We Go to DC?

Every year, before we go on our DC fly-in...

I have one of our members ask me why we make this annual jaunt. Fair question to ask, and one that I enjoy answering because it gives me a chance to dive into the Chamber’s mission.

I remember when we started our DC fly-in,

we were the only state in America that did not

do a business related visit to our nation’s capital.

It might also be important to note that our federal funding for the military was, as I recall, 52nd or 53rd behind some obscure group of islands the US has in its portfolio.

Since then, times have changed! We have engaged in military funding, transportation projects, and regulatory discussions that have advanced our community and supported our military partners. I am very proud of the commitment your chamber has made to the advancement of our community and region. We have worked hard to grow the voice of Cheyenne business and I hope our success on this front continues.


Our trip this year is in April. Make plans to go with us, and join our efforts to make Cheyenne an even better place to live, work, and do business. Call Amber at the chamber for more information.

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