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Wyoming Bank & Trust, Dennis Wallace, 2019 Circle of Champion Inductee

There are so many experiences that happen in our lives which shape us. Dennis Wallace - Banker, Entrepreneur, Leader and Father, shared a few of these special moments with the attendees of the Circle of Champions Luncheon. This event was the first for the 2019 Business Week presented by DAPCPA and was one to not be missed.

He shared how his father backed him up when he wanted to pursue a job on another ranch, other than their families. Wallace's father told the potential employer that if his son couldn't complete the work, that he could have confidence in knowing his father would step in to ensure it was completed. He also shared his story about buying many banks on paper, but it wasn't until he purchased what is now Wyoming Bank & Trust that he owned a physical bank. It was first operative in Burns and wasn't moved to the City of Cheyenne until the 90's. This year Wyoming Bank & Trust is celebrating 100 years in business and the incredible aspect of the whole story was Wallace was only 29 years of age when he purchased it. What were you doing at 29?

When asked to give advice to the community, Dennis Wallace said, “I am not so sure if I am in a good position to do that sort of thing...I am strictly a banker. My advice would be to keep on doing what you are doing. Cheyenne was known for being a small little cow town and it has grown so much since then.“ he closed with “Looks to me that Cheyenne is doing well. Keep it up!”

The event was a special moment for the Cheyenne business community. It was also great that Wallace was able to share it with his family; including his son, Jeff Wallace, the current CEO of Wyoming Bank & Trust.


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