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Wyoming Business Advocates

Have you ever looked around you and wondered who worked so hard to build the sidewalk under your feet? Or, have you looked at the storefronts on the road and pondered how they are able to operate? Have these sorts of thoughts ever crossed your mind? It used to cross our minds when we saw that our community was vulnerable.

In 2008 the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce formulated a group called Wyoming Wranglers to fund a lobbyist in Washington D.C. This effort has brought $1,000 economic return for every $1 invested. Our community is now stronger than ever because these pro-active business professionals united under the Chamber to make an impact. The portfolio of successes is vast and was only made possible because of the brave business advocates in our community. Now we want the name the program to be symbolic of their pioneering spirits, Wyoming Business Advocates. This group is comprised of business professionals who are willing to do the hard work that often goes unnoticed, but it vital to our community's economic health.

"This name change informs the public more about what we do. The Wranglers name did not do that. I think it's important to our community to have an advocate for us in Washington D.C. and locally. This helps us improve, enhance and bring businesses to our community." Dr. Larry Meuli

In light of this, next time you go driving take a moment to thank the Wyoming Business Advocates for their advocacy for solid infrastructure for the greater Cheyenne area. Or next time you are in a store, stop to thank the Wyoming Business Advocates for their efforts in making sure that we have available workforce to operate these locations. The smallest moments of appreciation is more than these individuals would ever imagine to receive. They selflessly invest in this program because it is the write thing to do. That is why they are Wyoming Business Advocates.


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