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Classroom & Career

The North Star Committee is central to the development of talent pipeline solutions for the greater Cheyenne area.

The TPM initiative is a demand-driven, employer-led approach to close the skills gap that builds pipelines of talent aligned to dynamic business needs. 

The demands of today’s economy require a strategic alignment between classroom and career that better supports students in their transition to the workforce. The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce’s Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) initiative supports strategic alignment for these graduates.


This approach:

  • Prioritizes alignment between education and workforce systems

  • Creates shared value for students and workers, education and training providers, and employers

  • Shifts employers into the driver’s seat to proactively lead partnerships with talent providers

  • Equips business with the practical tools necessary to build an effective talent supply chain

  • Provides a systematic framework flexible enough to be pursued as its own initiative or to enhance the employer role in an existing initiative

This strategy connects workers to the jobs employers are trying to fill.


To learn more, contact the Chamber at (307) 638-3388 or email

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