Workforce Development

Developing and deploying our region’s talent requires a “cradle to career” pipeline. Thriving communities do not accidentally acquire the workforce necessary to support their economies.


By connecting the dots between employees, employers, educators and key regional stakeholders, the Chamber's education and workforce division helps ensure communities throughout Southeast Wyoming can depend on a talented workforce for decades to come.

Learn more about some of the Chamber's workforce development efforts by following the links below.

Tactics & Strategy
Career Awareness
Workforce Advisory Council
Career Pathways
Workforce Analysis

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce is proud to offer a variety of opportunities throughout the year to provide your business with training resources and connections for optimal career training.

Training & Opportunities

Workshops & Seminars

A variety of opportunities throughout the year to ignite the local workforce.

Attend a quick workshops and seminars hosted by the Chamber throughout the year, or attend monthly Chamber Luncheons to get more connected with the community and better informed. Each year the Chamber brings to the area industry experts for training. Additionally, the Chamber Representatives host workshops throughout the year in partnership with Laramie County Community College and the Laramie County Library to better serve the business public.

Partner Point

Partner orientation, education and support.

To get the most out of your investment into the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce. The trained professionals of the Chamber have "Partner Point" seminars available to all stakeholders. From a Chamber Partner Orientation to Continuing Education opportunities, the Partner Point will have both in person and on-demand presentations to always be a reliable and helpful resource.

22 @ Noon

Facebook Live insightful training sessions

There is a saying, "You don't know what you don't know." The 22 @ Noon Facebook Live events are focused on bringing training to the current and future workforce of the greater Cheyenne area. Featured area experts will go "Live" on Facebook twice a month /GreaterCheyenneChamber.

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The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce offers a variety of ways through its programs to develop workforce through leadership. Learn more about the committees of the Chamber and find a way to advance your professional skills, while making a positive impact in your community.

Educational opportunities are vast in Laramie County. These institutions provide a trained and skilled workforce for Laramie County businesses. 

Leadership Experience
Laramie County Education

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