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Director of Partner Investments

I grew up in rural South Dakota on the family farm as one of fourteen children -- yep, count 'em -- eleven girls and three boys! I believe that being a part of such a large family taught me that you have to work together to get things done -- right and on time!  As an adult, I lived in Texas for 6 plus years.  You'll still occasionally hear my Southern twang! I moved to Cheyenne in 1986, built a cosmetology clientele in where I enjoyed many successful years helping clients look and feel their best.  


Yet, a few years ago, something told me to break out of my comfort zone and try something different.  Never one to shy away from a challenge, I worked for the Wyoming Army National Guard as a records clerk.  Later, I served as an account executive for the Wyoming Business Report where I forged additional great relationships with business leaders -- many of whom became lifelong friends as well.  I enjoyed that position but when the opportunity arose to join the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce, I jumped at the chance.  


As a former business owner, I understand the value that the Chamber provides and look forward to helping others learn how we can help grow their businesses and clientele.  As the Director of Partner Investments, I'll be seeing you at all the Red Carpet openings, Chamber events and community oportunities. 


As the author Ray Kurzweil once said: No matter what problem you encounter, whether it's a grand challenge for humanity or a personal problem of your own, there's an idea out there that can overcome it.  And you can find that idea.  

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