Leadership Cheyenne is the experience of a lifetime!


This program is for a diverse group of business professionals who participate in a challenging, interactive and thought-provoking nine month educational program, followed by a three month event planning process. The program is designed to promote a better understanding of the community, build and enhance leadership skills, and develop a strong network of future community leaders. Leadership Cheyenne encourages participants to share the benefit of their own experiences while they also learn from others. The goal is to inform participants about the diversity of our community in regards to government, education, business, economic development, and social issues.

A community is only as good as its leaders.


Effective leaders see where the community has been, understand its unique challenges and resources, and have the courage and skills to make an impact. Communities that make a concerted effort to develop leadership qualities in their citizens strengthen the economic health and provide other extensive advantages over other communities. Each Leadership Cheyenne Class is unique and finds their own way to contribute to the community. The best part of the program is the development of valuable relationships created along the way.

Be a leader who believes in the future of our community!

2020-2021 Class Schedule: 


- 2020 -
Tuesday, July 7th  5:30 PM 
Applicant Interview Reception at the Red Lion

*Required - Invitation will be sent with details


Week of August 17 (One Day)
Ropes Course (Exact date TBD)


Wednesday, September 2 (Day)
Wednesday, September 23 (Day)
Wednesday, October 14 (Afternoon & Evening)
Wednesday, November 4 (Day)
Wednesday, November 18 (Day)
Wednesday, December 9 (Evening)


- 2021 -
Wednesday, January 6 (Day)
Wednesday, January 27 (Day)
Wednesday, February 17 (Day)
Wednesday, March 10 (Day & Evening)
Wednesday, April 7 (Evening)
Wednesday, April 28 (Day)
Wednesday, May 21 (Afternoon & Evening)
Friday, June 4 - Graduation (Day)

Following graduation, planning for the

Boo-tification Ball begins

Please contact the Chamber at

(307) 638-3388 or


to learn more.


The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce
formed Leadership Cheyenne in 1985 with the
goal of developing leaders for the future. The
purpose of Leadership Cheyenne is to educate
participants about the community and help them
develop a desire and commitment for life-long
civic trusteeship.


A community is only as good as its leaders.
Effective leaders see where the community has
been, understand its unique challenges and
resources and have the courage and skills to
impact its future. What’s more, communities that
make a concerted effort to develop leadership
qualities in their citizens tend to have economic
and other advantages over other communities.
In the best cases, that can mean a better quality
of life for all!


Leadership Cheyenne Classes are scheduled on
a 3-week rotation with dates listed below. There
are both day classes and evening classes. The
day classes usually run from from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., evening classes usually run from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. There are a few exceptions with both the day and evening times. The Leadership Cheyenne Program builds leaders through the educational process of coordinating and leading assigned class session(s). A Steering Committee Advisor will help guide the process.


Being selected to participate in Leadership
Cheyenne is an honor. With this honor comes the
responsibility to be present and on time for each
class and activity.

Additionally, those whose participation is
sponsored by employers will be required to obtain supervisor signatures ensuring management support of the attendance policies of this program.

All class participants must attend the applicant
reception, orientation, Challenge & Leadership, as well as select Boo-Ball Meetings.


Participants are also expected to attend all
sessions, though provisions have been made for
absences. Absence from up to two classes will
be excused and graduation still allowed.
Absence from more than two sessions
disqualifies a candidate for graduation.


Attendance will be taken at the beginning and
end of each class. Attendance benefits you
and the group in general. Your attendance and
participation are important to you, the rest of
your class members and the integrity of this



Tuition is $650 per participant.

Limited scholarship funds may be


*Scholarship requests are processed separately from the selection evaluation and acceptance into the program is not dependent on the source of tuition.


121 W. 15th St.

Suite #204

Cheyenne, WY 82001

Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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