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How Does Military Presence Impact Cheyenne?

Local military presence creates an enormous impact on the future of Cheyenne. The Sentinel Project alone is estimated to result in $4 to $7 million in economic impact for our region, military issues are community issues.

WY We Care

No one living in Cheyenne has to look very hard for a military connection. This exceptional presence in our community has always been part of our heritage, and remains a strong part of our future.

  • Almost 7200 families receive direct employment from the local military. This includes about 3400 military members and 1000 civilian employees on FE Warren AFB, and an additional 2700 soldiers who work with the Wyoming National Guard.

  • More than $560 million is distributed in our region annually through FE Warren AFB and the Wyoming National Guard.

  • 7000 people in Cheyenne are veterans of the military, with more than $83 million distributed to retirees in our region each year.

The Bottom Line

Over the last 20 years, the support of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce has worked to improve and modernize facilities at both F.E. Warren AFB and the Wyoming National Guard to support our community mission.

  • Your Chamber spends $200k each year to support and advocate for Cheyenne and Wyoming’s Military.

  • During the 2023 legislative session, your chamber lobbied for the Wyoming Infrastructure Protection Act, Purple Star Schools, School of Choice, Wyoming National Guard Referral Incentive, Wyoming National Guard Tuition Benefits, and other legislation.

  • The Chamber’s Military Affairs Committee works throughout the year on programs like Adopt an Airman, the Military Child Essay Contest, the Cheyenne Trophies, our community relationship with the U.S.S. Cheyenne, and the many other ways we help our military members feel at home in Cheyenne.


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