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I’m as happy as the Village People singing USMCA (Oh that’s YMCA)

4 of 5 Things You Must Know This Week -

If you have been under a rock for the last 30 years, you have no idea what I am talking about, but the rest of you have stood in a line and done the YMCA dance. Go ahead, admit it!

So, if you have been under a rock, or you just need to hear this awesome tune one more time, listen below. It’s a great song which has had multi-generational appeal for its joy and fun factor.

It’s been a great week for business across this country. From struggling farmers and ranchers to metal fabricators and all businesses in-between, the USMCA trade agreement will help.

I am so proud of the work from the US Chamber and Chambers of Commerce around this country. It was a bipartisan effort to lobby elected officials from all over this country and pass the agreement.

Ambassador Lighthizer addressed a group of Chamber executives last fall and expressed that he needed help. He asked us to reach out, and guess what? We did. Chamber executives from all over this country lobbied their elected officials at the federal level, talked to their governors, called their aunts, uncles, friends, and their grandmother this week and Congress heard their plea.

The coolest thing about Chambers of Commerce is that there is one in almost every community. When we get together, and set our mind toward a common task, much can be accomplished.

Certainly, I won’t try to tell you that the US Chamber of Commerce and Chambers around this country were the only ones to do yeomen’s work on this issue. In fact, I know there were many other other associations that worked very hard on this important issue - especially in agriculture and manufacturing.

I am grateful for the work of each of these organizations, and that we can join together to achieve our goals. It truly is a great week for business, and I think I will listen to that song just one more time!

- Dale Steenbergen, President/CEO of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce

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